In this commentary, Immatics, peer companies and non-profit institutions evaluate the current regulatory framework around HLA testing for T cell receptor-based therapeutics and propose adjustments that can improve the development of and access to TCR-based therapeutics. Read more here.

This publication co-authored by the University of Pennsylvania and Immatics highlights Immatics’ differentiated approach utilizing its target and TCR discovery platforms XPRESIDENT® and XCEPTOR® to develop a TCR-based cell therapy approach against COL6A3 exon 6, a novel, proprietary tumor stroma target. Read more here.

T cell receptor discovery for cancer and beyond: in this paper we identify novel SARS-CoV-2-specific TCRs against recently discovered epitopes demonstrating the versality of Immatics’ TCR discovery platform XCEPTOR®. Read more here.

Description of computational and experimental methods as part of the XPRESIDENT® technology platform that allow identification of true HLA ligands as targets for TCR-based immunotherapies by mass spectrometry.
Read more here.

Immatics scientists and collaborators present functionally empty and peptide-receptive HLA-A*02:01 molecules that enable quick generation of large libraries of peptide-MHC complexes for TCR screening. Read more here.

A review by two leaders of Immatics’ Cell Therapy CMC Group. Read more here.

Joint publication by MD Anderson Cancer Center and Immatics demonstrating the capability of Immatics to validate a new target class, RNA-edited pHLA targets. Read more here.

First publication on the GAPVAC actively personalized vaccine trial conducted by a consortium led by Immatics. The warehouse approach pioneered in GAPVAC was the blueprint for the ongoing ACTolog® clinical trial by Immatics, which applies the multi-target warehouse approach for the first time in ACT. Read more here.

First publication on the proprietary IMADetect® target biomarker screening platform by Immatics as used in all ongoing ACT trials. Immatics uses a unique approach setting the qPCR threshold for each target guided by XPRESIDENT® mass spectrometry. Read more here.

Demonstration of Immatics’ capabilities in a collaboration with Genentech to validate neoantigens. Read more here.

Application of the XPRESIDENT® platform on the therapeutic cancer vaccine IMA901. Development of IMA901 (and of all other cancer vaccines) has been discontinued. However, the paper demonstrates the outstanding capabilities to pioneer biomarker-driven clinical development – as also done in the ongoing Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT) trials. Read more here.

The original paper by Toni Weinschenk, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Immatics on the XPRESIDENT® target discovery platform. Read more here.