Driven by Immatics’ mission, which is to deliver the power of T cells to cancer patients and advance the next wave in cancer immunotherapy, the Company has committed to building an open work environment focused on personal and professional growth, collaboration, diversity and cooperation to achieve Immatics’ corporate goals.

Why should you work
at Immatics?

The drug development process takes years of hard work and commitment. At Immatics we are in this journey together, from our lab-technicians to our colleagues in administration, from our working students to our leaders and all positions that make us a successful team.


Our work environment features an open-door policy, travel opportunities to e.g. scientific conferences and year-round team events. We offer a dynamic and trans-continental day-to-day work experience combined with initiatives to integrate flexibility for achieving a positive work-life balance.


We also recognize that each individual team member plays an important role in reaching our vision of bringing new therapies to cancer patients. With this in mind, we are committed to creating the best possible work environment for our talented team so that together we can continue making a real difference for patients.

What’s it like
to work
at Immatics?

Fundamentally, Immatics is its employees: Like every organization, our corporate culture is wholly defined by the team and the systems set in place to facilitate an innovative, collaborative, creative and inspirational workplace.

Therefore, we reached out to the entire organization to help us define what makes Immatics’ culture unique. Based on the answers from across the company, we found six dominant themes that outline what Immatics really is:

  • Our transparency runs twofold: We adhere to an “open door” policy, meaning questions, debating and collaboration between all teams is highly encouraged and appreciated. Secondly, from an internal and external communications standpoint, Immatics keeps its employees in the “know” so they are well-informed and e.g. able to access information and ask questions about internal corporate decisions and public announcements.

  • Immatics has brought together talented and motivated individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages and skillsets, ranging from business to science to administrative and more. This creates a vibrant world of perspectives and approaches that enhances our corporate culture and our organization as a whole.

  • There are many layers of responsibility at Immatics. First and foremost, as a biotechnology company committed to fighting cancer, we have a responsibility to do our best for everyone involved in our mission including our employees, medical professionals and, of course, current and future patients. As an employer, it is also our responsibility to support the entire Immatics team and ensure everyone is treated equally. On a more individual level, from their first day on, each employee works from a position of trust and personal responsibility so that over time they have the opportunity to grow and expand their role in the organization. Lastly, as a team, it is our unified responsibility to work towards reducing our carbon footprint through initiatives focused on reducing, reusing and recycling.

  • Work-life balance is very important, so we encourage employees to decide how they work best, whether it be full-time, part-time or working remotely if needed. At Immatics, it is possible for employees to advance their own careers, meaning that opportunities exist throughout the Company and we support everyone in pursuing new projects and interests should they wish to do so. This also includes providing employees the option to attend training courses that empower them to strengthen their skillsets and gain a greater background and know-how in areas that are of interest to them.

  • With 200+ employees and three different locations (Houston, Munich and Tübingen) it could be easy to get lost in the crowd. However, we aim to live a flat hierarchy to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and their opinions are taken seriously. The work we do at Immatics has an impact and every employee is truly needed in their team and within the whole organization – our goal is to recognize that always.

  • We greatly appreciate that everyone is dedicated and brings forth their best talents and efforts on a daily basis. Therefore, we are committed to making sure Immatics is an enjoyable place to work at. With a mixture of consistent collaboration, strong team spirit and get-togethers between colleagues with widespread company events, the workplace atmosphere is focused on team-building, personal and professional growth and at the end of the day, having fun while aiming to reach our goals.

Open positions at Immatics?


We are always on the lookout for motivated professionals who are open, collaborative, ready to create and inspire as well as passionate about bringing a real change to patients with cancer.

Join our Team

Immatics’ fundamental purpose is to apply its technology and drug development efforts toward improving the outcomes for cancer patients through the exciting advances of using the immune system to fight the disease.


From its research and development origins in Tübingen, Germany, to its cell therapy center in Houston, Texas, Immatics represents a trans-Atlantic team united to build a global leader in T cell receptor-based immunotherapies.

Our team is looking for dynamic and talented individuals to join us in the fight against cancer. If you are interested in joining our team, our academic or our clinical network or have other questions, we are looking forward to receiving a message from you.

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