Norbert Hilf, Ph.D.

Vice President
Translational Development

Norbert Hilf is heading the Department of Translational Development responsible for the transition of R&D projects into preclinical and finally clinical first-in-human stage. Further, his department is performing Project Management for internal programs as well as Industry Partnerships and oversees R&D Strategy and Communications, and Biosample Logistics. Norbert is also coordinating the development of Immatics’ global QM systems.

Since he joined Immatics in 2004, he engaged in R&D projects as a science-driven Immunologist. Norbert’s department gained expertise in the development of multi-peptide cancers vaccines, actively personalized immunotherapies, adoptive cellular therapies, and bispecific T-cell receptors - from the preclinical stage up to Phase I clinical trials.

Norbert Hilf studied biochemistry at the University of Tübingen and holds a doctoral degree in Biochemistry / Immunology. For his thesis, he joined Hans-Georg Rammensee’s group and worked on links between innate and adaptive immunity.


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