Je᠎nѕ F᠎r᠎i᠎tѕc᠎he

Vice President Bioinformatics

Jens joined Immatics in April 2007 and heads the Bioinformatics Department which contributes to Immatics’ preclinical and clinical research by providing expertise in data and analytics. He is a part of the Discovery Unit leadership team at Immatics, shaping research and innovation.

Jens introduced quantitative immunopeptidomics to XPRESIDENT® a decade ago. Since then, he and his team have continuously extended Immatics' immunoinformatics platform XCUBE™ with cutting-edge methods from computational mass-spectrometry and next-generation sequencing while facilitating ongoing data growth and value generation using data engineering and data science.

Jens is an inventor on many patents and co-authored publications in the cancer immunology field in prestigious peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Lancet Oncology and Immunological Reviews. He studied computer science (Bioinformatics) at the University of Tuebingen, Germany.