Unlocking Cancer Immunotherapies


Despite advances in treatment options, cancer remains a major health problem worldwide. The disease is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells whose ability to evade the immune system’s surveillance is a key factor in their proliferation and persistence.

In recent years, the field of immunotherapy, a form of cancer treatment utilizing the patients´ own immune system to specifically seek and destroy cancer cells, has significantly changed the standard of care in oncology and emerged as a major pillar in the treatment of cancer. Although immunotherapy has resulted in durable responses in some tumor types, a majority of cancers do not respond to current immunotherapeutic approaches.

Immatics believes that its differentiated approaches may address major challenges to cancer immunotherapy. The company’s roadmap is designed to impact a wide range of cancer types and patients with unmet medical need by overcoming challenges for effective cancer treatment with novel TCR-based product candidates.

From Target
to Bedside

Immatics’ approach towards the goal of opening new avenues of treatment for cancer patients starts with the discovery and validation of true targets (using the XPRESIDENT® platform). In the next step, Immatics identifies, engineers and validates delivering the power of T cells to cancer patients.

at a glance

Unlocking new T cell receptor-based immunotherapies by identifying true targets:
Immatics brings together a breadth of technologies matched with deep knowledge of cancer-specific targets and TCRs to achieve the next advance in immunotherapy.