Immatics’ approach to opening new avenues of treatment for cancer patients starts with the discovery and validation of true targets using the XPRESIDENT® platform.

XPRESIDENT® is built to reveal the peptides actually presented on real tumors and provides quantitative information on copy numbers between peptides originating from the same parent protein. Thus, Immatics believes XPRESIDENT® enables the identification of the most relevant tumor-associated pHLA targets.

At the same time Immatics can achieve higher specificity than other approaches through XPRESIDENT®-guided off-target toxicity screening enabled by Immatics’ normal tissue immunopeptidome database.



XPRESIDENT® is a high throughput technology platform that is centered on the identification of target peptides expressed and presented on the cell surface of tumor cells and not on the cell surface of normal tissue. XPRESIDENT® is capable of detecting peptides at an attomolar concentration – an unrivalled level of sensitivity.

  • All XPRESIDENT® peptides are sourced from primary tissue samples obtained from the tumors and corresponding normal tissue.
  • The peptides are then analyzed and identified through a combination of quantitative transcriptomics (mRNA sequencing) and quantitative HLA-peptidomics (mass spectrometry).
  • Data are then further analyzed to examine the differential expression and presentation of these potential peptidic drug targets between tumor and normal tissue.

This process identifies HLA-peptides specifically presented on cells in the tumor tissue and absent on cells found in normal tissue. From the vast pool of possible cancer targets, Immatics then further selects the most promising candidates to enable the development of immunotherapies that could potentially cure cancers.

XPRESIDENT® – Benefits

Classical antibody and CAR-T therapies are restricted to cell surface proteins which constitute about 25% of all available targets. XPRESIDENT® unlocks all intracellular antigens, increasing the target space by 300%.

  • The vast collection of tissue samples combined with XPRESIDENT‘s® high-throughput approach has led to the generation of one of the largest target databases known in the industry.
  • All HLA-restricted targets discovered by XPRESIDENT® on any allele are proven to be present on a patient’s cancer tissue in contrast to those predicted by in silico techniques.
  • XPRESIDENT® enables the exact quantification of target molecules on a tumor cell, thus providing target copy numbers. This is an essential piece of information to determine the targets' therapeutic mode of action.
  • The breadth and flexibility of XPRESIDENT® enables a very comprehensive array of cancer targets derived from both, cell surface and intracellular antigens.
  • XPRESIDENT® covers twenty major cancer indications.
  • XPRESIDENT® also facilitates guided on- and off-target toxicity screening by minimizing the off-tumor activity for many different immunotherapy modalities.
  • Immatics’ XPRESIDENT® target discovery platform is protected by issued European patents and world-wide patent applications.
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