Regina Mendrzyk, Ph.D.

Senior Director Immunology & Head of Immunomonitoring


Regina Mendrzyk joined Immatics in March 2007 and was involved in the setup and development of Immatics’ highly standardized Immunomonitoring and global PBMC logistics platforms. She led the Immunomonitoring of several global clinical trials. In her current role she leads the Houston-based Immunology department as well as the Immunomonitoring department in Tuebingen. The main focus of the research conducted in both departments is the deep understanding and improvement of all of Immatics’ immunotherapeutics, i.e. the adoptive cellular therapies and the T cell engaging bispecifics (TCER®).

Prior to joining Immatics, Regina pursued intensive studies on the development of therapeutic vaccines targeting Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) during her PhD and gained considerable expertise in immune assays.

Regina Mendrzyk holds a Diploma in Biology from Justus-Liebig University of Gießen and a Ph.D. from the DKFZ Heidelberg.