Martina Ott, Ph.D.

Target Validation

Martina Ott joined Immatics in 2014 and leads the Target Validation Unit within the Target Research Department.

Manipulating the immune system to fight diseases has been the focus of Martina’s career. Before joining Immatics, Martina investigated the effects of a novel immunomodulator developed by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. to treat multiple sclerosis. At Immatics, Martina has implemented an in-situ hybridization-based target validation platform and was appointed to be head of laboratory in 2015. Over time, she was involved in target discovery and validation for several internal and collaboration projects. Martina is (co-) author of several publications in the fields of neuro- and cancer immunology.

Martina Ott holds a Diploma in Molecular Medicine from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from the University of Goettingen.