Martin Hofmann, Ph.D.

Director CMC Biologics

Martin Hofmann joined Immatics in 2015 to design and validate the scaffold of the bispecific TCER molecules and is now an inventor on 10+ patents related to TCER, optimized and/or multispecific antibodies, and related molecules. He is currently head of the laboratories performing expression in mammalian systems and purification of soluble molecules for research purposes while also serving in an advisory role in the industrial-scale production of TCER.

Martin has been designing, producing, and characterizing antibodies and multi-specific molecules for more than a decade – his professional journey started with basic and translational science at the Department for Immunology at the University of Tuebingen. Before joining Immatics, Martin worked at Synimmune where he was involved in the GMP-production and IMPD-preparation of an effector-function optimized antibody.

Martin Hofmann holds a PhD degree and a Diploma degree in Biology from the University of Tuebingen.