Christoph Huber, Ph.D.

Johannes Gutenberg University Germany

After his studies at Medical School of the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck, Christoph Huber gained experience as a health professional of internal medicine and received his Ph.D. Several research scientist visits (Dept. Tumor Biology of Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Wallenberg Laboratorium, Dept. Immunology of Uppsala University) were followed by an education in clinical bone marrow transplantation at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle.

Back in Innsbruck, Dr Huber headed the bone marrow transplantation section of the Department of Internal Medicine, eventually becoming Professor of Clinical Immunobiology.

Dr Huber is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the Medical School of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, co-founder and board member of the Translational Oncology research organization and co-founder and Head of Supervisory Board at the Cluster for individualized immune intervention (CI-3). He also co-founded the biopharmaceutical companies Ganymed Pharmaceuticals and BioNTech and serves on both of their boards.

He is a member of numerous scientific committees, in particular the international Association of Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT), which he co-founded and chairs.

Dr Huber is the author of more than 250 publications, among them various articles in “Nature”, “Nature Immunology”, “Immunity”, and the “Journal of Experimental Medicine”.