Adriana Turqueti-Neves, Ph.D.

Director Target Bioanalytics

Adriana Turqueti-Neves joined Immatics in July 2021 to lead the Target Bioanalytics Unit within the Target Research Department.   Understanding the immune system to develop novel cancer immunotherapies has been the center of Adriana’s academic and industrial professional life for the past 15 years. Before joining Immatics, Adriana worked at Medigene Immunotherapies as Director of Technology and Innovation, developing technologies in the fields of TCR discovery and engineering. Adriana is an inventor on several patents and author and co-author in many peer-reviewed journal publications in the fields of Immunology and cancer research. Adriana holds a PhD with focus in Tumor Immunology from the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich (LMU) and additional postdoctoral experience in Infection Biology and Autoimmunity at the University clinic Erlangen, Germany and at the University of Pittsburgh, USA.