Immatics’ approach to opening new avenues of treatment for cancer patients starts with the discovery and validation of true targets using the XPRESIDENT® platform.

XPRESIDENT® is a high-throughput technology platform based on ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), coupled with a proprietary sample preparation workflow and a proprietary immunoinformatics platform. The platform is centered on the identification of HLA-bound peptides (pHLA targets) presented on tumor cells, and not or to a far lower amount on the cell surface of normal tissue. XPRESIDENT® is capable of detecting pHLA targets down to attomolar amounts.

Key features of XPRESIDENT® include:

  • All XPRESIDENT® peptides are sourced from native tumors (in 20 major cancer indications) including primary tissues and metastatic biopsies as well as tissues derived from healthy organs (40 most relevant organs of the human body). The vast collection of over 2000 tissue samples combined with XPRESIDENT®’s high-throughput approach has led to the generation of one of the largest target databases known in the industry.

  • Peptides are analyzed and identified through a combination of quantitative HLA peptidomics (mass spectrometry) complemented by quantitative transcriptomics (mRNA sequencing), enabling the analysis of differential expression and presentation of these potential drug targets between tumor and normal tissue.
  • All HLA-restricted targets discovered by XPRESIDENT® on any allele are proven to be present on patients’ cancer tissues in contrast to those predicted by in silico techniques.

  • Immatics’ proprietary AbsQuant™ technology allows absolute quantification of target peptide copy numbers per cell. This is one important parameter to determine which peptide target of a given source antigen is the most promising one, which is a key strength of the XPRESIDENT® platform.


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