Bispecific T cell Engaging Receptor Molecules

T cell receptor (TCR) Bispecifics are biologics that leverage the body’s immune system by redirecting and activating the T cell response towards cancer cells expressing specific tumor targets.

Mode of Action

Immatics' novel T cell Engaging Receptors (TCERs) are soluble fusion proteins that have two binding domains:

An affinity-maturated and highly selective TCR domain that recognizes and binds to a tumor-specific peptide target presented in the context of HLA class I receptor and a T-cell recruiting antibody domain directed against CD3 or other immuno-modulating T-cell surface proteins. The design of these novel biologics allows T cells to become activated and attack the tumor, regardless of the T cells’ intrinsic specificity.

Engineering and Manufacture

TCER molecules are based on affinity-enhanced TCRs and Immatics' proprietary Bispecific platform. The bispecific molecules are subject to XPRESIDENT® guided on- and off-target toxicity screening to identify candidates without off-tumor activity. The selected candidates are then engineered to have superior biophysical properties. These include excellent solubility and stability, as well as desirable pharmacokinetic profiles.

TCER molecules are easily produced and scaled up in mammalian host cells. These biotherapeutics are then purified and refined using processes that are compatible with cGMP requirements.

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