Patrick Hwu, M.D


Dr. Patrick Hwu is a tumor immunologist focused on the areas of vaccines, adoptive T-cell therapies, and immune resistance. His research and clinical efforts have led to insights and advances in the understanding of the interactions between tumors and the immune system, and the development of cellular therapies.  He is the principal investigator on several NIH R01 translational immunotherapy grants, and other peer-reviewed grants.  Several novel, ongoing clinical trials have resulted based on his group’s work, which include a trial of T-cells modified with chemokine receptor genes to enhance their migration to the tumor. Most recently, his preclinical studies have focused on combinations of immune checkpoint blockade and T-cell therapy, as well as rational combinations of targeted therapies and immunotherapies.  Both of these concepts are being moved into the clinic to improve treatment outcomes for our patients.

Dr. Hwu earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Following his service as a house officer in Internal Medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, he completed a fellowship in oncology at the National Cancer Institute, where he continued to work for 10 years as a Principal Investigator leading tumor immunology studies. He was recruited to MD Anderson Cancer Center as the first Chairman of the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology in 2003. He has served as Associate Director of the Center for Cancer Immunology Research since 2004. In addition, he has been Chair of the Department of Sarcoma Medical Oncology since June 2012. Most recently, he accepted the appointment of Head of the Division of Cancer Medicine, March 4, 2015. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to cancer research, Dr. Hwu has held endowed positions since joining the institution.  He currently holds the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Distinguished University Chair at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Patrick Hwu heads the Scientific Advisory Board of Immatics US, Inc. and is member of the SAB of Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH.