Matthias Kromayer, Ph.D

Matthias Kromayer is a member of the Executive Board of MIG Verwaltungs AG, responsible for the MIG Funds’ holdings in the life sciences. He is a Member of the Advisory Boards of Virologik GmbH and Cerbomed GmbH. Prior to MIG, he was a Managing Partner with a strategic consultancy in the life sciences sector and has advised more than 30 companies on their business strategy. In addition, he has extensive entrepreneurial experience building and running companies within and outside of the Life Sciences sector. Previously, he was a Senior Consultant with an international top management consultancy.

Matthias Kromayer received training at King’s College London, UK, and Lund Universitet, Sweden, and holds a diploma in biology and a doctorate in microbiology from Munich University. He is an alumnus and member of the selection committee of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.