Selected recent international publications of the last years. The founders and team members of Immatics are shown in bold.

Selected recent literature published by founders and employees

Selected recent literature published by Immatics’ founders and employees. The founders and team members of Immatics are shown in bold letters. The following list shows literature in chronological order selected from over 300 publications in international scientific journals.

Rampling R, Peoples S, Mulholland PJ, James A, Al-Salihi O, Twelves CJ, McBain C, Jefferies S, Jackson A, Stewart W, Lindner J, Kutscher S, Hilf N, McGuigan L, Peters J, Hill L, Schoor O, Singh-Jasuja H, Halford S, Ritchie JWA. A Cancer Research UK First Time in Human Phase I Trial of IMA950 (Novel Multi Peptide Therapeutic Vaccine) in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma. Clinical Cancer Research, published online: 25 May 2016. link

Yadav M, Jhunjhunwala S, Phung QT, Lupardus P, Tanguay J, Bumbaca S, Franci C, Cheung TK, Fritsche J, Weinschenk T, Modrusan Z, Mellman I, Lill JR, Delamarre L. Predicting immunogenic tumour mutations by combining mass spectrometry and exome sequencing. Nature, published online: 27 May 2014. link

Walter S, Weinschenk T et al. 2012. Multipeptide immune response to cancer vaccine IMA901 after single-dose cyclophosphamide associates with longer patient survival. Nature Medicine, published online: 29 July 2012. Download full article. Britten CM, Janetzki S, Butterfield LH, Ferrari G, Gouttefangeas C, Huber C, Kalos M, Levitsky HI, Maecker HT, Melief CJM, O Donnell-Tormey J, Odunsi K, Old LJ, Ottenhoff THM, Ottensmeier C, Pawelec G, Roederer M, Roep BO, Romero P, van der Burg SH, Walter S, Hoos A, Davis MM. 2012. T Cell Assays and MIATA: The Essential Minimum for Maximum Impact. Immunity, published online: 27 July 2012. link Dutoit V, Herold-Mende C, Hilf N, Schoor O, Beckhove P, Bucher J, Dorsch K,Flohr S, Fritsche J, Lewandrowski P, Lohr J, Rammensee HG, Stevanovic S, Trautwein C, Vass V, Walter S, Walker PR, Weinschenk T, Singh-Jasuja H, Dietrich PY. 2012. Exploiting the glioblastoma peptidome to discover novel tumour-associated antigens for immunotherapy. Brain, published online: 14 March 2012. link Copier J, Dalgleish AG, Britten CM, Finke LH, Gaudernack G, Gnjatic S, Kallen K, Kiessling R, Schuessler-Lenz M, Singh H, Talmadge J, Zwierzina H, Håkansson L. 2009. Improving the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy. Eur J Cancer 45, 1424-31. link Hipp MM, Hilf N, Walter S, Werth D, Brauer KM, Radsak MP, Weinschenk T, Singh-Jasuja H, Brossart P. 2008. Sorafenib but not sunitinib affects function of dendritic cells and induction of primary immune responses. Blood 111, 5610-20. link Britten CM, Gouttefangeas C, Welters MJP, Pawelec G, Koch S, Ottensmeier C, Mander A, Walter S, Paschen A, Müller-Berghaus J, Haas I, Mackensen A, Kollgaard T, thor Straten P, Schmitt M, Giannopoulos K, Maier R, Veelken H, Bertinetti C, Konur A, Huber C, Stevanovic S, Woelfel T, van der Burg SH. 2007. The CIMT-monitoring panel: a two-step approach to harmonize the enumeration of antigen-specific CD8+ T lymphocytes by structural and functional assays. Cancer Immunol Immunother. link Dengjel J, Nastke MD, Gouttefangeas C, Gitsioudis G, Schoor O, Altenberend F, Muller M, Kramer B, Missiou A, Sauter M, Hennenlotter J, Wernet D, Stenzl A, Rammensee HG, Klingel K, Stevanovic S. 2006. Unexpected abundance of HLA class II presented peptides in primary renal cell carcinomas. Clin Cancer Res. 12:4163-70. link Krüger T, Schoor O, Lemmel C, Kraemer B, Reichle C, Dengjel J,Weinschenk T, Muller M, Hennenlotter J, Stenzl A, Rammensee HG, Stevanovic S. 2005. Lessons to be learned from primary renal cell carcinomas: novel tumor antigens and HLA ligands for immunotherapy. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 54:826-36. link Singh-Jasuja H, Emmerich NP, Rammensee HG. 2004. The Tübingen approach: identification, selection and validation of tumor-associated HLA peptides for cancer therapy. Cancer Immunol Immunother 53:187-95. link Schmidt SM, Schag K, Muller MR, Weinschenk T, Appel S, Schoor O, Weck MM, Grunebach F, Kanz L, Stevanovic S, Rammensee HG, Brossart P. 2004. Induction of adipophilin-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes using a novel HLA-A2-binding peptide that mediates tumor cell lysis. Cancer Res 64:1164-70. link Schag K, Schmidt SM, Muller MR, Weinschenk T, Appel S, Weck MM, Grunebach F, Stevanovic S, Rammensee HG, Brossart P. 2004. Identification of C-met oncogene as a broadly expressed tumor-associated antigen recognized by cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. Clin Cancer Res 10:3658-66. link Lemmel C, Weik S, Eberle U, Dengjel J, Kratt T, Becker HD, Rammensee HG, Stevanovic S. 2004. Differential quantitative analysis of MHC ligands by mass spectrometry using stable isotope labeling. Nat Biotechnol 22:450-4. link Walter S, Herrgen L, Schoor O, Jung G, Wernet D, Buhring HJ, Rammensee HG, Stevanovic S. 2003. Cutting edge: predetermined avidity of human CD8 Tcells expanded on calibrated MHC/anti-CD28-coated microspheres. J Immunol 171:4974-8. link Weinschenk T, Gouttefangeas C, Schirle M, Obermayr F, Walter S, Schoor O, KurekR, Loeser W, Bichler KH, Wernet D, Stevanovic S, Rammensee HG. 2002. Integrated functional genomics approach for the design of patient-individual antitumor vaccines. Cancer Res 62:5818-27. link Rammensee HG, Weinschenk T, Gouttefangeas C, Stevanovic S. 2002. Toward patient-specific tumor antigen selection for vaccination. Immunol Rev.188:164-76. link Schirle M, Keilholz W, Weber B, Gouttefangeas C, Dumrese T, Becker HD, Stevanovic S, Rammensee HG. 2000. Identification of tumor-associated MHC class I ligands by a novel T cell-independent approach. Eur J Immunol 30:2216-2225. link Brossart P, Heinrich KS, Stuhler G, Behnke L, Reichardt VL, Stevanovic S, Muhm A, Rammensee HG, Kanz L, Brugger W. 1999. Identification of HLA-A2-restricted T-cell epitopes derived from the MUC1 tumorantigen for broadly applicable vaccine therapies. Blood 93:4309-4317. link

Selected ground-breaking publications from Prof. Rammensee
Wallny HJ, Rammensee HG. 1990. Identification of classical minor histocompatibility antigen as cell-derived peptide. Nature 343:275-278. Schild H, Rötzschke O, Kalbacher H, Rammensee HG. 1990. Limit of T celltolerance to self proteins by peptide presentation. Science 247:1587-1589. Rötzschke O, Falk K, Deres K, Schild H, Norda M, Metzger J, Jung G, Rammensee HG. 1990. Isolation and analysis of naturally processed viral peptides as recognized by cytotoxic T cells. Nature 348:252-254. Rötzschke O, Falk K, Wallny HJ, Faath S, Rammensee HG. 1990. Characterization of naturally occurring minor histocompatibility peptides including H-4 and H-Y. Science 249:283-287. Falk K, Rötzschke O, Rammensee HG. 1990. Cellular peptide composition governed by major histocompatibility complex class I molecules. Nature 348:248-251.