The Immatics Approach

Unlocking new T cell receptor-based immunotherapies by identifying true targets:

Immatics brings together a breadth of technologies matched with deep knowledge of cancer-specific targets and TCRs to achieve the next advance in immunotherapy.

We have interior insight:

Immatics has identified and characterized a trove of intracellular tumor targets for immunotherapeutic development. We use this knowledge together with our technologies to define true targets, distinct molecular barcodes that identify the tumor cell. This gives us a drug discovery advantage that we aim to leverage for our own proprietary pipeline and for our collaborations with world-leading partners.

We pioneer novel modalities:

TCRs represent a new therapeutic opportunity for engaging T cells against cancer and for attacking the tumor microenvironment. These new treatments are designed to cross cancer’s protective barriers and make a therapeutic impact. Immatics continues to innovate using TCRs to develop both Adoptive Cell Therapies and novel TCR Bispecifics.

We refine and engineer our drug candidates:

Immatics brings an additive element through the rigorous process of testing the specificity and avidity of our TCRs to engage with true cancer cell targets, using the power of T cells to fight tumor cells.

Our purpose is to make a difference for patients:

We have a big goal: overcome the challenges of fighting cancer and bring new therapeutic tools to cancer patients. We will do this with passion and relentless focus to achieve better outcomes for patients.


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