Immatics at the PEGS Summit Europe (Nov 12-16) in Lisbon, Portugal

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Immatics is part of the PEGS Summit Europe in Lisbon (Nov 12-16)! Come and join us and don't miss out on our various talks and posters:


November 14th


Poster: "Rapid Generation of Peptide-MHC Complexes with Disulfide-Stabilized Empty HLA-A*02 Molecules for High Throughput Kinetic Screenings"

Presenter: Andreas Moritz (Research Associate, Immunology)


Poster: "Affinity Maturation and Validation of a COL6A3-002-Specific T Cell Receptor for Improving Performance in Adoptive Cell Therapy"

Presenter: Meike Hutt (Scientist, Immunology)



Talk: "Preclinical Selection of Optimal TCR Candidates for Cancer Immunotherapy"

Speaker: Claudia Wagner (Associate Director, Immunology)

Track: "Immunotherapy"



Talk: "Development of Highly Potent T Cell Receptor Bispecifics Targeting Tumor-Specific HLA Ligands"

Speaker: Sebastian Bunk (Director, Immunology)

Track: "Engineering"


Posters available for download after the conference. We're looking forward to interesting and exciting discussions.

Further information on PEGS Summit Europe here.

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