Immatics at the PEGS EU, Protein and AB engineering Summit (Nov 13 – Nov 17) in Lisbon, Portugal

We look forward to seeing you at PEGS 2017!

Immatics will present newest information on its TCR innovations


Monday, Nov 13 - Tuesday, Nov 14 (Poster Session A)

Poster: Discovery and validation of TCRs for immunotherapeutic application

Presenter: Leonie Alten 


Thursday, Nov 16 - Friday, Nov 17 (Poster Session C)

Poster: Setup and validation of a T cell receptor maturation platform for engineering of bispecific molecules

Presenter: Felix Unverdorben

Poster: Development of an optimized scaffold for bispecific T cell receptor therapeutics

Presenter: Martin Hofmann

Press Contact

Anja Heuer

Corporate Communications,
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH

+49 89 540 415 606

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