Immatics at the Annual PEGS Europe 2019 (Nov 18-22) in Lisbon, Portugal

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Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit

Meet Immatics at the 11th Annual PEGS Europe 2019 (Nov 18-22) in Lisbon, Portugal - the largest European event covering all aspects of protein and antibody engineering.


Thursday, Nov 21, 3.05-3.35pm

Session Insights into Effective Bispecific Mechanisms

TCER® Platform: Targeting of Tumor-Specific HLA Ligands Using T Cell Receptor Bispecifics

Presenter: Sebastian Bunk, Director Immunology

Bispecific T cell-engaging receptors (TCER®) are soluble fusion proteins consisting of an affinity-maturated T cell receptor targeting human leucocyte antigen-bound peptides and an antibody for recruitment of T cells and half-life prolongation. The design of the potent TCER molecules allows redirection of human T cells towards peptide-HLA targets showing highly selective expression in tumor tissue as validated by our target discovery engine, XPRESIDENT®. We present data supporting proof-of-concept of this novel class of T cell engagers.


Wednesday, Nov 20 - Thursday, Nov 21 – Poster Presentations

SESSION B; Location: Rio Pavilion

70B TCER - Design and Characterization of Optimal Scaffolds for Bispecific T Cell Receptor Therapeutics 
Presenter: Martin Hofmann, Associate Director Immunology

71B TCER - In Vitro and In Vivo Efficacy of Bispecific T Cell-Engaging Receptors 
Presenter: Meike Hutt, Scientist Immunology

72B High-Throughput Peptide-HLA Complex Generation and Kinetic Screenings of TCRs with Peptide-Receptive HLA-A*02:01 Molecules
Presenter: Andreas Moritz, Scientist Immunology

73B TCER - Engineering and Arming of Soluble T Cell Receptors for Targeting of Tumor Specific HLA Ligands 
Presenter: Felix Unverdorben, Senior Scientist Immunology

74B TCER Platform - Selection and Validation of Effective and Safe Bispecific T Cell-Engaging Receptor (TCER) Molecules for Cancer Immunotherapy 
Presenter: Claudia Wagner, Director Immunology

We’re looking forward to interesting and exciting discussions.

Further information on PEGS Europe – Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit 2019 here.


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