Immatics at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US (Dec 9-13) in San Diego, CA

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Latest science, technology and partners in antibody engineering, immunobiology and next generation binders

Meet Immatics at the annual meeting of The Antibody Society and discuss best practices and scientific results to accelerate antibody research, discovery efforts and clinical programs – especially the Immatics approach:


Friday, Dec 13, 4.30-5pm

Track 2: Looking at Targets Differently

T-cell Targets – Identification and Clinical Use

Presenter: Toni Weinschenk, CTO Immatics


The presentation will highlight the following:

  • XPRESIDENT®: Quantitative HLA ligandomics in cancer and normal tissues
  • XCEPTOR®: TCR discovery guided by knowledge about potential on- and off-target side effects; the high value of normal ligandomes; levels of personalization in Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT)
  • IMADetect®: A CDx for patient inclusion and target selection
  • ACTolog®: A personalized multi-target Adoptive Cellular Therapy (ACT)
  • ACTengine®: Adoptive Cell Transfer of T cells with engineered T-cell receptors
  • GAPVAC – Glioma Actively Personalized Vaccine Consortium: A personalized peptide vaccination trial


We’re looking forward to interesting and exciting discussions.
Further information on Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US here.

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