Immatics US, Inc. is a highly innovative biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Houston, TX (USA) and co-launched, together with MD Anderson Cancer Center, as a subsidiary of Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH, headquartered in Germany. Our goal is to deliver adoptive cellular immunotherapies for novel cancer targets in indications with highly unmet medical need. Immatics is the leading biopharmaceutical company in the development of cancer immunotherapeutics based on tumor-associated peptides (TUMAPs) that constitute the most relevant targets for all T-cell based immunotherapies.

 Immatics US pipeline is based on adoptive cellular therapy (ACT). ACT has demonstrated dramatic clinical effects in melanoma and certain blood cancers. However, relevant and safe targets to translate these initial successes to other cancer types are critically lacking to the field. ACT has the potential to induce significant clinical benefits including rapid clinical responses and can potentially be developed up to FDA marketing approval within few years.

 Immatics US is headquartered in Houston with a significant R&D infrastructure. Immatics US has a team of highly qualified research, medical and business professionals and we are looking for team members who constantly strive for excellence and whose motivation is driven by their dedication to innovation and science. We offer a competitive salary based on experience, and a comprehensive benefits package.

 Research Associate - CMC -PD 

 Job Overview

The primary purpose of the Research Associate I position is to perform complex, highly specialized and time sensitive technical cell manipulation and/or perform analytical tests to characterize and assess the functionality of final products.

 Overall Responsibilities 

  • Perform cell growth and manipulation procedures such as cell enrichment, cell evaluation and sorting, cell culture, cellular product cryopreservation, cell product thaw/wash.
  • Perform accurate calculations to determine cell viability, dilutions and cell concentrations. 
  • Responsible for aseptic handling of reagents and products and characterization of cells by molecular assays, flowcytometry and functional assays. 
  • Understand the study design and follow the instructions to execute experiments and analytical tests.
  • Maintain accurate documentation in compliance with SOPs and appropriate federal and local regulations. Upload studies to electronic notebook in a timely manner. 
  • Perform quality control testing, routine equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • Order and stock critical supplies and reagents for the projects and maintain inventories.

Qualifications and Requirements

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or other related field.
  • 1-2 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience
  • Demonstrated cell culture and aseptic processing experience.
  • Basic cell culture lab techniques such as cell passaging, cryopreservation, formulation of media, an aseptic technique, cell counting and managing reagents.
  • Experience in molecular, cellular, immunological techniques  

 Other Skills and Abilities 

  • Assist in writing study pans, reports and SOPs.
  • Analyze data and present regularly in departmental meetings. 


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