You will work in Houston, TX (USA), in an interdisciplinary environment with colleagues from CMC, Product Science, Translational and Clinical Development. Your work will be performed in close collaboration with the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX (USA), and with Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH, Tuebingen and Munich (Germany). Your organizational skills, action-oriented style and analytical reasoning will contribute to the team’s success.


The primary purpose of the research associate position is to perform complex, highly specialized and time sensitive technical cell manipulation and testing procedures to perform experiments pertaining to process, product, or assay development of cell and gene therapy products.


  • Performs aseptic cell growth and manipulation procedures such as cell isolation or enrichment, sorting, culture, cellular product cryopreservation, and cell product thaw/wash.
  • Perform cell-based studies or assays for product development, assay development, or product characterization.
  • Strong hands on skills in immunological, biochemical and molecular techniques including multi-parameter flow cytometry.
  • Performs and handles human peripheral blood for processing and product manufacture.
  • Performs manual or automated primary cell isolation using established density gradient methods (Sepax or Ficoll gradients).
  • Performs error free calculations to determine cell viability, dilutions, and cell concentrations.
  • Performs procedures and maintain accurate documentation in compliance with FDA’s Good Laboratory Practices as well as familiarity with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Performs procedures and maintains accurate documentation and electronic laboratory notebooks in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Coordinates and manages supply inventory.
  • Works closely and collaborates effectively with other departments including product science and target discovery.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Required: BA/BS/MA or equivalent job‐related experience.



Basic knowledge of primary cell culture and aseptic handling of cultures. Experience in using various relevant equipment including but not limited to flow cytometers, cell separation devices, and automated cell counters.


Experience with growing T-lymphocytes. Industrial experience related to process development, scale up, or manufacturing. Experience with large scale and closed system mammalian cell cultures and downstream processing is a strong plus.


You are able make sound decisions and approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness. We expect from you a high degree of independent working, analytical reasoning and the ability to communicate effectively. You engage in careful editing and documenting your results. You embrace rapidly changing requirements with an open mind and show a high degree of flexibility in an environment which is marked by a constant striving for excellence. Your motivation is driven by your dedication to innovation and science. You approach tasks in a structured, reliable and foresighted manner; combined with a high level of individual responsibility, enthusiasm and strong social skills.

Job Type: Full-time

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