Our unique XPRESIDENT® target discovery engine combines mass spectrometry, genomics, biochemistry and immunology to create a highly efficient target discovery engine with a large and rapid output of validated Tumor-Associated Peptide (TUMAP) candidates which act as T-cell targets.

XPRESIDENT® is capable of detecting TUMAPs/ T-cell targets at an attomolar concentration – an unrivalled level of sensitivity. Applying this technology platform Immatics is able to identify several hundred thousand TUMAPs per year. Targets specific to cancer cells and absent (or present at much lower level) in healthy tissue are selected for further development. The breadth and flexibility of the platform means that it can be used to generate immunotherapy candidates for virtually any cancer type.

The XPRESIDENT® platform is to date the only known high-throughput research technology to directly identify, quantitate and prioritize naturally presented TUMAPs/ T-cell targets recognized by T cells.

Immatics’ XPRESIDENT® target discovery engine is protected by issued European patents and world-wide patent applications.