Immatics is building a pipeline of T-cell receptor (TCR) bispecifics against validated XPRESIDENT® TUMAPs with the aim to specifically activate and redirect patients’ effector T-cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells. These bispecific molecules are designed as T-cell engaging soluble fusion proteins, which combine the advantages of a TCR moiety with high selectivity for TUMAP targets and the desirable properties of a T-cell recruiting antibody.

Immatics’ TCR bispecifics are directed by affinity-maturated human TCRs originating from the company’s own TCR discovery and engineering unit. Before inclusion into affinity maturation, the identified TCR candidates are extensively validated with support of the XPRESIDENT® normal tissue database to ensure specific TUMAP recognition and absence of cross-recognition of normal tissue-derived peptides, a process which is rigorously repeated after affinity maturation. By conducting further engineering steps Immatics ensures favorable biophysical properties of the TCR bispecifics, i.e. excellent solubility and stability as well as desired pharmacokinetics.

The combination of Immatics’ deep knowledge of T-cell biology and utilizing the XPRESIDENT® platform for safety and efficacy screening enables Immatics to engineer soluble TCR molecules with high specificity and affinity, ready to be moved forward into the development of TCR bispecifics to obtain best in class drug candidates.