Immatics in Cancer Immunotherapy

Immatics aims to unleash the full potential of cancer immunotherapy and deliver transforming therapies to cancer patients with high medical needs. To achieve this goal Immatics has developed a strong and broad cancer immunotherapy portfolio based on unique target and T-cell receptor (TCR) discovery capabilities.

Immatics’ proprietary target discovery engine XPRESIDENT® enables identification, quantification, selection and validation of the most relevant Tumor-Associated Peptides (TUMAPs) in a high-throughput manner. In addition, Immatics’ powerful TCR discovery platform combined with the industry-unique XPRESIDENT®-guided on- and off-target toxicity screening of candidate TCRs and other binders allows to develop highly selective cancer immunotherapies in the field of Adoptive Cell Therapies (ACT), TCR and antibody (Ab) bispecifics as well as cancer vaccines.

The Company currently has a broad pipeline of cancer immunotherapies in clinical and pre-clinical development.