Immatics has its roots at the University of Tuebingen’s Department of Immunology. The company, which was stablished in 2000, capitalizes on groundbreaking discoveries investigating the role of tumor-associated peptides (TUMAPs) and their central role for all types of T-cell based immunotherapies.

3Q/2000 Foundation of Immatics
3Q/2002 First publication on the XPRESIDENT® Drug Discovery Engine by Weinschenk et al.
1Q/2004 Series A financing (total €14 m)
1Q/2007 Series B financing (€40 m)
1Q/2007 “Orphan drug” status for IMA901 by EMA
2Q/2007 First product (IMA901) enters phase 2
3Q/2010 Series C financing (€54 m)
3Q/2012 Publication in Nature Medicine on XPRESIDENT® platform and application to multi-peptide vaccine IMA901
4Q/2013 Series D financing (total €34 m)
4Q/2013 Partnership with Roche to develop Immunotherapies to Immatics targets
1Q/2015 The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awards $19.7m research grant to Immatics for development of personalized adoptive cell therapies
3Q/2015 Launch of Immatics US, Inc. by Immatics and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
3Q/2015 Partnership with MorphoSys to develop Antibodies to Immatics targets
1Q/2017 Partnership with Amgen to develop TCR bispecifics and BITEs® to Immatics targets

Today, Immatics has a staff of more than 100 skilled and experienced FTEs (full-time equivalents) based in Tuebingen and Munich, Germany and in Houston, Texas who are focused on the discovery of novel cancer antigens and the rapid translation of our immunotherapy candidates into clinical development.


Dr Harpreet Singh
Dr Toni Weinschenk
Dr Niels Emmerich
Prof Dr Hans Georg Rammensee
Prof Dr Hansjörg Schild
Prof Dr Peter Brossart